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What is SEM/ PPC?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is used to promote website’s by increasing the visibility of the business on search engines via paid advertising methods at the top and side of search engine results. It is is crucial for bringing customers to your website based on targeted search queries relevant to your business. You only have to pay when clicks on your adverts, that’s why it is also commonly referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.
SEM/ PPC allows you to:
  • Direct visitors to your website when they are searching for your product or service on search engines
  • Provide instantaneous target customers to your website
  • Provide a cost effective form of advertising that can easily be measured and optimised
  • Complement SEO activities by learning and identifying the most important search terms that provide quality customs, sales and leads

Our Expertise in SEM/ PPC

  • We have over ten years’ experience at yielding and optimizing PPC ads in Hong Kong and APAC in multiple languages
  • Our team are Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu qualified Search Engine Marketers, we have experience yielding SEM activities with all the major search engine players
  • We have proprietary software to execute complex bidding algorithm throughout an intricate campaign structure to bring most of the value from the campaign in a cost effective means

Related Case Studies

Organic traffic increases
Organic traffic increases 140% after 2 months

CTR increased
Click Through Rate (CTR) increased by 75%

Rank Top 10 for 60% of the selected keywords in 2 months

Increase search impression
Set up and managed around 840 campaigns and 221,600 keywords in total

Increase search impression share by 20% (absolute) in a month

Overall traffic improved
  • Rank Top 5 for “steak and fish hong kong", "best western seafood restaurant Hong Kong" and "seafood restaurant hong kong"
  • Overall traffic improved 159.2%

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The team at Boss Digital has over 10 years of proven track records in Strategic Digital Marketing. Experience across all forms of digital media, from small niche marketing to global online advertising campaigns.

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